Slugs and snails and puppy-dog’s tails

Food features frequently in anosmic conversation. A typical social media thread: “I have no interest in eating”….“all food tastes like cardboard”……“my only satisfaction comes from fullness”. It’s sad. It’s depressing. But worse, its defeatist. When I was blessed with flavours, I took food for granted, thinking little about the choices open to me. Yet anosmia […]

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The Biggest Missing?

If asked to name the smells we miss most, an anosmic Top 10 would be fairly predictable. It would include things like the aroma of freshly brewed coffee, or the cooking smells of food. Bacon in a frying pan was my nose’s favourite hors d’ouvre. Parents would likely bemoan an inability to smell their kids, […]

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Indecent behaviour: a confession

I owe many people an apology. For years I masticated in public – openly, with unseemly vigour. I failed to curb my behaviour, even when the venue or occasion most demanded. Were you with me in the Oyster Room at the Dorchester, maybe the Ivy in Covent Garden, perhaps The River Café in Fulham? As […]

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An Enthusiastic Nose

The guy was on his feet as I entered the consulting room. Arms open, he ushered me towards an oversized desk. My medical policy had secured a meeting with an ENT specialist on London’s Harley Street. It was the early nineties. He was animated, beaming, like his polka dot bow tie. It must be good […]

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