This blog is for those who have no sense of smell. Some are born anosmic, others have it thrust upon them. My blog is likely to have most relevance to those, like me, who once had but have now lost their sense of smell.

It would be easy for People Like Us to wallow in self-pity. Acquired anosmics understand how smell once connected us to the molecular world in ways that full-on smellers will never truly grasp. We can’t blame them can we? The full importance of smell reveals itself only by its disappearance. As lasped smellers, we too took odours for granted. We never knew that everything we call flavour comes from smell.  We never stopped to consider where our powerful eruptions of memory came from. We never spotted how our moods were influenced by the environments that surrounded us. We never calibrated the joy of scent.

This though, is not a blog of self-pity. I prefer to face the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune with good humour and an eye for the absurd. This is my Anosmic Diary, highly personal yet wholly public, for People Like Us who really understand.

Anecdotes are better served by context, so here’s a bit about me. I am male, worked in advertising for around twenty years and then had a ten year stint in PR. I live on the outskirts of London.